Active chlorine free sanitizers
of a new generation


BIOR is the largest manufacturer of disinfectants. We were established in June 1996 and since 1997 have been an absolute leader on the market of disinfecting agents.

Our Company products are currently used in food industry, veterinary, animal breeding, crops growing, wood-processing industry and medicine as well as for disinfecting water in swimming pools with continuous-flow or re-circulating water supply systems.

The Company products have been subjected to all necessary analyses and possess all permits required for their sales.

BIOR series today includes the following disinfectants of a new generation: BIOR-1, BIOR-N, BIOR-DES-1, BIOR-1-BAS, BIOR-MS (polymeric guanidine antiseptic agents).

BIOR has its own production facilities where such active substance as polyhexamethylenguanidine (Patent № 2165268) is synthesized and the very disinfectants are manufactured (Patents №217337, №2178735, №2253669).

BIOR series agents contain no active chlorine. They are odor free, non-toxic, cause no allergic response, have a high-degree impact on hospital strains and a long-term effect on treated surfaces (from 3 months to 1 year). Owing to their antifungal action BIOR-1 and BIOR-N are used for mould prevention on room surfaces. Furthermore BIOR series agents are nonaggressive for surfaces to be treated. BIOR-N has a high detergent effect required especially in disinfection combined with pre-sterilizing cleaning of medical instruments.

BIOR disinfectants come as liquid concentrates. BIOR-1 is also manufactured in a solid form (as bars, powder and granules).

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